9 ways to find app design ideas

Currently, there are more than two billion mobile phone users around the world and their number is increasing day by day.

9 ways to find app design ideas
9 ways to find app design ideas

Due to the convenience and high usage of mobile phones, people care about them a lot. Also, these little gadgets can make life easier for all of us thanks to the apps installed on them. Apps can also make a lot of people rich.

9 ways to find app design ideas

Many startups around the world are designing mobile applications and have managed to reach billions by selling these applications. But how do they come up with ideas for their apps, and how do you do that?

1- Don’t think about income

If you want to design a mobile app, the first thing to remember is that not all apps are necessary to monetize.

There are thousands of different applications that aim to solve people’s problems or entertainment. The idea of ​​designing your app doesn’t necessarily have to be for profit.

In the early stages, just focus on designing a great app and don’t think about money at all. You must first have a good idea with which you can attract many users.

Even if you want to use the app to make money, before you can raise the necessary capital, you must have a document that welcomes your idea.

2. Get ideas from existing apps

Scanning existing apps for inspiration is one of the easiest ways you can come up with great ideas for developing your custom app.

For example, you can take a look at the list of the most popular Play Store apps and choose the theme for your app.

Even well-known companies do it. For example, Facebook and Twitter are inspired by each other.

The success of Facebook has inspired many other social networks, and their goal was to design something similar to Facebook.

So you should not be afraid to get ideas from popular software. If there is a popular idea, it is because it is a good idea and people have welcomed it.

You also should not be afraid of competition. Even if you design an app completely custom, it is still possible for other people to use your idea and become your competitor. Only if you have a very bad idea, you will be less likely to find a competitor.

You can also combine two or three different apps by visiting the App Store to create a completely different app.

3- Storm of thought

Many mobile applications and their main idea is the result of brainstorming. You can consult with your friends, family, and colleagues.

For example, you can bring a group of friends and acquaintances together, and tell them that you are planning to design a mobile application and are looking for a new idea for it.

You may find that many of them have been researching the same topic and may work with them in the future. By doing this, in addition to coming up with new ideas, you can also have a successful partnership.

4- Finding and solving problems

There are thousands of different applications designed to solve people’s everyday problems. These problems can range from communication to living standards.

You can make a lot of money by finding and solving these problems with one app.

For example, you might have been looking for a program that would solve one of your problems but could not find it. Surely more people need such software and you can help many more people by creating it.

Your friends and acquaintances can also help you find these issues. Searching online, especially in the App Store and Google Play, will help you identify these issues.

You can also check the current software that is not working well and try to design a better version of it.

5- Find different ideas on social networks

Social media is one of the best ways to get an idea of ​​app design. Many people post their problems and thoughts on social media.

You can find many problems that can be solved by designing applications in these networks. Tools like TweetDeck, HootSuite, and Social Mention help you find people’s needs, and you can use keywords to find different ideas for designing your app.

6. Think about the future

What’s the next big thing going on in technology? Think ahead and try to design what people may need in the future.

Large applications and startups are very innovative and can identify future needs in advance. For example, Facebook was the future of communications at the time of its creation, and WhatsApp was the future of messaging.

Instead of waiting for the rest of the path to be outlined for you and then to follow, think ahead and try to be the first on the path yourself.

7- Optimizing smartphones

A good app idea should improve the user experience when using a smartphone. Examine the different capabilities of your smartphone and try to improve its performance.

For example, you can find different ways to improve existing features such as a calculator or calendar or add a feature that is not available on the phone.

For example, in the past, many phones did not allow the flash to be used as a flashlight, and thus various programs were designed to use this feature.

You can also find different ways to turn your phone into other devices like scanners or flashlights and design apps for them.

8- Meditate and take notes

Telling someone who is looking for an app design idea to meditate and take notes on different events might sound a little silly, but it will help you a lot in finding the app design idea.

With meditation, you can free your mind which will help you a lot in reaching good thoughts. Having a notebook with you also helps you record your experiences and thoughts.

It may have occurred to you that you had a good idea, but after a few days, you didn’t remember anything about it.

An idea you forgot may be of great value. That’s why it’s best to write down your thoughts in a notebook.

9- Search

All paths will eventually lead to a search. When looking for an app design idea, you cannot ignore the search in any way.

Not only does this research allow you to come up with new ideas for designing your app, but it also helps you explore the market more easily.

The last word

There are currently more than two million different apps in the App Store and Google Play, and there are many that are not available on these platforms.

Finding an app design idea is easy, and there’s no reason why you can’t do it. Just remember that mobile apps are not just for making money and you should try to solve a problem for people first.

Sometimes your goal is to design an entertainment program and you don’t have to look to make money.

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